We work with a very diverse list of clients and every project is different, however, our objectives remain the same: providing programs with a purpose.

Italian heritage tours

Culinary and Wine Groups

Delight in lessons from local chefs, vintners or tours of small production farms. We’ve designed programs for esteemed culinary schools, top chefs, and other food and wine communities.

Italian heritage tours

Faith-Based Groups

From pilgrimages and heritage tours to spiritual voyages, our team will create the journey for any faith denomination. We arrange private masses at St. Peter’s and other major cathedrals, visits to sacred shrines and biblical sites, and connections with local religious communities.

Italian heritage tours

College/University Study Abroad

Providing logistics for your semester abroad programs is just the start. We connect you with local prominent leaders in civil, cultural and political life, provide access to private and exclusive sites and even find the appropriate lecturers for your events.

Our travelers want to connect with a culture, pursue a shared interest, or partake in a once in a lifetime experience. Our job is to open one door after another to create the unforgettable.
italian heritage tours

Large multi-generational families and reunions

Activities for every age, no matter the interest and soup to nuts operations to ensure a perfect trip. Are you of Italian heritage? Search no more! We can help you track down your ancestor’s roots.

italian heritage tours

Educational/Affinity Groups

From alumni to non-profit and museum groups, we arrange for special visits and after-hour access for one of a kind programs. We connect you with high ranking professionals from all industries to give your trip that extra special touch.

italian heritage tours

Sports Groups

Whether you need someone to coordinate perfectly matched series of games with a local team or get access to distinctive venues, we will do it all. In Italy, we play every sport: baseball, lacrosse, volleyball, basketball, ice hockey, field hockey, football, rugby, and of course, soccer!

italian heritage tours

Performance Groups

For Choirs, Bands and Orchestra groups, we deliver everything from the unique venues to the full-house only audiences. Our expertise in concert logistics is unparalleled.

italian heritage tours

Use your imagination!

From groups of dog walkers to art aficionados, to hikers and adventure travelers, to history buffs and scrapbookers, we’ve got it covered.

italian heritage tours

Neighboring Destinations

Countries such as France, Spain, Germany, Greece, Croatia, Slovenia, the Balkans, and other European destinations can be combined with Italy or toured on their own – just ask us for suggestions.

You can learn more about Performing Tours in our presentation.

Did you know?

Fly fishers love to head to Hemingway’s beloved Val Trebbia in Liguria, where they an choose between dry, wet, nymph or streamer fishing.

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